3 Signs a Physician is Experiencing Job Burnout

How to recover from exhaustion

Many people around the world feel that their jobs can sometimes feel stressful. However, a large majority of these same individuals likely know that these stressful situations are few and far between. With that in mind, not all professions are able to deal with low amounts of stress. Physicians often have to deal with a stressful job that often feels unrelenting. In fact, statistics show that 35.2% of physicians in the United States currently feel burned out. Adding to this, physicians also have a divorce rate that is 10-20% higher than the rest of the general population. It’s important to learn if you are feeling symptoms associated with job burnout. With that in mind, here are three signs that a physician is experiencing an overwhelming amount of job stress.

  1. Changes in Sleeping Pattern

    One of the most noticeable signs that you’re dealing with an overly stressful job is when it alters your sleep pattern. Considering that, it’s important to note any changes that are taking place in regards to how you’re sleeping. Many people who have an extremely stressful job can either overindulge in sleep or not be able to get any rest at all outside of work. Considering that, it’s essential that you seek relief from workplace stress by finding a way to get an adequate night of rest.
  2. Odd Diet Habits Begin to Form

    All physicians know how important it is to maintain a proper diet. Failing to follow your regular eating regimen is a major sign that you’re feeling burned out which is especially seen regarding younger physicians. In fact, statistics show that physicians aged 35 and under report having a burnout rate of 44%. Unfortunately, feeling overwhelmed from work can cause these same people to neglect to follow advice related to keeping their diets in check. One major sign that you’re feeling burned out is if your normal eating and drinking habits begin to worsen. Many people turn to alcohol consumption in order to cope with having a stressful job. However, indulging in too much alcohol is hazardous to your health and should be avoided.
  3. Becoming Quick to Lash in Out in Anger

    There are many causes of workplace anger that can occur. With that in mind, you don’t want to find these situations getting the best of you. Lashing out at others while working can greatly damage friendships in addition to endangering your own potential at remaining with a company. Therefore, it’s best to walk away in situations where you feel like lashing out. A great tip for learning how to recover from exhausting is simply to get away from the situation that is making you feel so tired.

To summarize, there are several signs that physicians are experiencing too much stress while working. You’ll find that changes in your normal sleeping patterns are major signs that you’re feeling extremely burned out. Sleeping not enough or too often are often symptoms seen in those that are feeling depressed. Another sign you’re experiencing notable amounts of job stress is if changes for the worse begin to take place in regards to your diet. Lastly, being more prone to bouts of anger than normal is a sign that your job is getting the best of you. It’s extremely important that you seek out methods to recover from job burnout.

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