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Proton Therapy for Cancer Patients

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Cancer stands as among the most feared and dangerous health ailments in the developed world, and it can appear in many different parts of the body, some more common than others, and even the reproductive organs may develop cancerous growths at some point in a person’s life. The brain, lungs, intestines, testicles, prostate gland, ovaries, and even bones may all develop tumors at some point, and most of these cancers can become life-threatening, or may result from certain lifestyles or exposure to dangerous elements. Whatever the cause, traditional methods for destroying cancer exist such as X-ray radiation therapy and chemotherapy, but these methods entail certain risks. Now, proton radiation therapy promises to be a safer and more effective alternative to cancer treatment, and a cancer treatment center may offer this new technology for patients who can afford to try it.

What is Proton Therapy?

A cancer treatment center may include s synchrotron, which is the machine that

Are You Trying to Lose Weight Before the Holiday Party Season Begins?

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The Monday after four days off work can be a tough one. To get yourself started, you simply start with the basics. On This Monday after Thanksgiving you are going to be certain to do the following:
! Make sure you do the following today:

  • Move with intensity.
  • Drink more water than normal.
  • Eat more vegetables than normal.
  • Abstain from sugar and booze.
  • Write five gratitudes.
  • Practice gratitudes no matter what the day brings.

Getting healthy is a combination of many intentional behaviors. Some people make the decision to join weight loss programs, but they still need to make sure that they get the exercise that they need. In fact, if you want to be successful in your efforts to achieve weight loss you need to make sure that you are intentional about many parts of your life.
Healthier Lifestyles Offer a Number of Benefit

Proton Radiation is a Growing Option in Non-Invasive Cancer Treatment

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When facing a cancer diagnosis, you may feel overwhelmed by the treatment options and the opinions being provided. It is already a scary moment in your life and then you are expected to make enormous decisions that will directly impact the rest of your life. Learning about non-invasive cancer treatment options will give you the comfort of knowing all your options.

Knowing what your options are and the advantages and disadvantages of each option is the best way to make an informed decision. Most people assume their only options are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. However, with growing research in the medical field, new options have become available to many cancer patients.

One new treatment option is called proton therapy, which is a form of radiation. While a form of radiation, it differs from traditional radiation in that it is more focused and will stop at a specific point in the targeted tissue. This means the patient is getting the cancer-killing benefits of radia

What Millennial’s Need to Know About Health Insurance

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As a millennial, I know the struggle of finding health insurance plans. Many employers today don’t offer, or are unable to offer health care plans, leaving it up to us to navigate the marketplace ourselves. But, how can we know the best option? Finding the right plan can be a confusing process, trust me, I know. However, here are a few tips to help make finding the right health insurance just a little bit easier.

3 Things to Know Before Choosing Healthcare Coverage

To begin, here are the bare basics to keep in mind when you go to look at the different health plan options available to you.

  • Health insurance plans often come in different categories. These are usually bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. These differ, not in the quality of care, but in the costs that are shared between you and the provider. For instance, having a platinum plan means your insurance will pay a higher percentage of cost, as opposed to bronze plans. However, bronze plans often come w

Dealing With Varicose Veins

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In the United States, a third of women have reason to be reluctant to buy cute, knee high dresses in the spring time, or say no to swimming at the beach with her family because that would mean wearing a swimsuit. 33% of women suffer from varicose veins, which can alter their self esteem and their quality of life. However, it is important to remember that varicose veins are usually just a cosmetic blight and are more often than not no reason for concern.

What is a varicose vein? It is a vein, usually in the legs or feet, that has become enlarged and gnarled due to years of added pressure–which is most often just from standing or walking. Spider veins are a more mild variation and are usually less visible than varicose veins. It can be difficult for adults to accept varicose veins, as they can look startling or unnatural on the skin and are a sign of aging. However, again, these veins are usually just a cosmetic concern.

On occasion, varicose veins can lead to more serious

The True Importance of a Sports Store

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Every single year, the stats surrounding obesity and overweight Americans become much scarier for the general public. Now, more people are obese than ever before. However, it does not have to be this way. As a matter of fact, people should buy products from their local sports store. That will help encourage more physical activity and provides profits for the local store.

Just about 30% of all adults in America over the age of 15 that regularly exercise stated that they will walk for their work out. As a result, walking is one of the most popular exercises in the country. While experts encourage any type of workout, others may want something a little more intense. Therefore, gym equipment can be found right at the local fitness store and sports store.

Since the 1970s, the number of fast food restaurants has more than doubled. Not surprisingly, the typical American diet exceeds the recommended intake levels or limits in calories from solid fats and added sugars; refined grains;

Three Keys On Your Local Walk-In Clinic

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Every year, the world grows and there are big changes to standard life. For instance, the medical industry is undergoing a huge change. Due to the development of a local urgent care clinic system, patients now get help from talented doctors with very little effort. Plus, the wait times are so much shorter as well. There are plenty of benefits for patients visiting their local walk-in center.

Plenty of people believe in false information about their local urgent care center. Thus, they do not seek out treatment from these centers even though they are reliable and dependable. Here are three keys for patients that are hesitant to trust their local urgent care clinic locations and more.

Local Urgent Care Clinic Can Provide Fracture Care

Right now, four out of five urgent care clinics can provide some sort of fracture care. As a result, patients can trust the

Understanding Back Pain And Viable Methods of Treatment For It All Throughout The United States

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If you suffer from back pain, you are certainly not alone here in the United States where spinal disorders have become all too common. Back pain is so prevalent, in fact, that it is one of the leading contributors to chronic pain, something that is experienced, for various reasons, by up to one and a half billion people all over the world. For many people, this chronic pain that they experience on a daily basis is directly tied to back pain.

It’s estimated that more than seventy five percent (eighty percent, to be more exact) of the United States population will deal with back pain at some point in their lives and that up to half of all working adults here in this country are dealing with it right now. And though spinal disorders can be hugely varied, especially in the pain that they lead to, lower back pain is particularly prevalent, suffered by as many as thirty one million people in this country alone at any given time.

If you are suffering from back pain, it is likely ide

Taking A Closer Look At Opioid Abuse And Addiction In The United States

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As any pain management doctor knows, the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal are often incredibly brutal. Sometimes these symptoms, in cases of severe alcoholism, can even prove to be dangerous or life threatening. And some symptoms of withdrawal can lat for up to a year after the symptoms of acute withdrawal have long since faded away. And as any pain management doctor or detox doctor knows, addiction is a problem that is ravaging the entirety of the world – and particularly our country, the United States.

In fact, by the time that the year of 2015 was coming to a close it was estimated that up to twenty and a half million people were struggling with addiction to a substance, legal or illegal, in some way. And while the severity of addiction will certainly vary from person to person, there is no doubt about it that it is always something to be taken seriously. Opioid ad