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Three Signs You’re Addicted to Alcohol

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Red cups. Ping pong balls. Hazy nights. That god-awful headache in the morning.

What do all these things have in common? Alcohol. There are many ways to determine if you are addicted to alcohol. If you or someone you love has a problem, read on.

Alcohol, as a substance, is a colorless, volatile, and flammable liquid that is used in a variety of liquors, beers, wines, and other drinks. It is used, outside of imbibing, as industrial machine fuel. That alone should give an idea of its potency.

Unfortunately, alcohol leads to addiction for many. It may go from those beer pong nights, hazy nights, and hangovers, to full-scale blackouts, drunk driving, and even arrests. Unchecked, alcohol addiction can lead to death.

So what are the signs of alcohol addiction and when is it time to go to a rehap detox center? Here are three.

The Number of Drinks

A common mea

Why if You Have Hair Loss, You Need to Consider Scalp Micropigmentation

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If you’re in Southern California and considering visiting a Los Angeles hair transplant clinic, you are not alone. Two out of 3 men in America will show some sign of hair loss by age 35. This percentage rises to nearly 85 % of all men by age 50. The latest hair loss treatment that is receiving attention is called scalp micropigmentation, a technique which usually requires less follow up and less financial commitment than the expected cost of a hair transplant in Los Angeles. This hair loss treatment, while relatively new is turning out to be a solution being embraced all over the world for changing how people hand baldness.

So What is Scalp Micropigmentation And What Does it Do for Male Hair Loss?

It provides a medical means of tattooing the scalp at the epidermal level, so the appearance of a hairline is given, providing reducing the appearance of h

The Importance Of Medical Research In The United States

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In the United States, we have long put a focus on medical studies and eradicating disease. This has led to a number of great and life changing achievements. However, without the use of clinical research trials and the like, much of this advancement would have become impossible and many of the discoveries that we have made would still be in the dark. Clinical research trials have formed a foundation of medical research and led us on to bigger and better innovations than many of us could have ever dreamed of.

For instance, many conditions that were once practically a death sentence are now relatively easy to treat. Take Hepatitis C, for instance. At one point, if you contracted Hepatitis C, it was a much bigger deal than it is today. You would have to manage the condition for the rest of your life, and many people even needed a liver transplant as the disease continued to progress. Nowadays, however, this is far from the case. Those who are diagnosed with Hepatitis C need only to underg

Urgent Care Clinics An Alternative to Visiting the Hospital Emergency Room

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When someone is in need of medical help, they may ask,”Is there an emergency room near me?” If their medical situation is such that they do need to go to a traditional hospital emergency room, then it is likely in their best interests to do so. However, if the issue they are experiencing is not life-threatening, then they can receive quality care at the nearest urgent care clinic. Studies have shown that many individuals seek treatment at hospital emergency rooms for issues that could be treated at urgent care clinics.

Urgent care medicine is a growing specialty, and there are 20,000 physicians that are now working within this field. The Urgent Care Association of America reports that approximately three million people are treated at various urgent care locations every week. One of the many reasons why urgent care walk-in clinics are a convenient option is b

5 Things for Males to Expect During a Physical

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Throughout the year, many schools allow children to take part in a wide variety of sports. Playing sports is a fun way for children to get out of the house, enjoy exercising, and hanging out with friends. That being said, it’s important to make sure that your child is safely able to play sports. With that in mind, it’s often required that children complete sports physicals before they’re allowed on a team. Considering that, here are five things for males to expect while receiving a sports physical.

  • Be Prepared to Fill Out Paperwork

    Before visiting a medical professional, you’ll need to fill out paperwork. This paperwork focuses on your medical history. It’s important to be as honest as possible while filling out these papers. In turn, the doctor will be able to have the most accurate information while assessing if you’re able to play team sports.

GMAT Accommodations The Facts

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Across the United States, there are almost 40 million American adults that are dyslexic. However, only just about 2 million of these adults ever actually know that they are dyslexic. This is incredibly difficult for their daily lives because they need to read well to properly enjoy life and to even be competent during the average work day. As a result, it is important people understand GMAT accommodations and how they can help.

First and foremost, it is important to understand just what GMAT stands for in GMAT accommodations. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and it is a computer adaptive test. This test intends to asses analytical, verbal, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills by using a written English test for use in admission to a graduate management program such as an MBA. So make sure you know what the test is before you look into ADHD testing, autism testing, and more.

It is absolutely imperative that you check with a doctor to see if you have ADD,

The Case For Urgent Care

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Seeking out medical care is something that becomes a necessity for all of us at some point in our lives. For big problems to smaller maladies, seeing a doctor for prompt treatment is all a part of staying healthy. But for many people, scheduling an appointment with a general care practitioner can be hugely problematic. Some people, for instance, do not have medical insurance, making a general care practitioner often difficult to afford. And sometimes even people with healthcare aren’t able to find time to get in to see their general care practitioner due to work schedules and other commitments in their busy lives. For many people, emergency services like the emergency room become the only option for prompt medical treatment for medical problems both large and small. Many will wonder how much is a urgent care visit, but the answer is almost always: “affordable.”

But seeking out such emergency services is n

Booking a Day Spa Appointment Can Be One of the Best Ways to Relieve Stress and Tension

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One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to take some time out and do something that lets you relax and recharge your batteries. Indulging yourself every once in a while is good for the body and the mind and one of the best ways you can accomplish this is by booking a day spa appointment. You definitely deserve to get pampered every once in a while and going to a spa near you can allow you to get rid of all your stress, get some excellent spa treatment options that can allow you to relax and rejuvenate, and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable experience. This can feel extremely good while also providing a number of important health benefits that you can enjoy in the long run.

A day at the spa can always be refreshing. If you want to indulge yourself in an experience that is luxurious and comforting, booking a day spa appointment can be one of the best ways to accomplish this. Continue Reading No Comments

Behind Hearing Loss In The United States

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If you feel that you are experiencing a significant degree of hearing loss, it is important that you schedule an appointment at a hearing clinic and go in to see an audiologist. Though some may be at first hesitant to go into a hearing clinic, many people in the United States do not realize exactly how widespread hearing loss is throughout the population. In fact, at least twenty percent of all residents of the United States alone suffer from some degree of hearing loss.

Hearing loss and the need to go into a hearing clinic is often associated with age and the process of the aging. To a certain extent, this is true. Hearing loss does often become much more pronounced with age, and is known to commonly develop to some extent by the time that a person passes the age of sixty five. Statistics show that of adults aged sixty five and older, a large portion of them – arou

Appendicitis: Is it a Medical Emergency?

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The appendix is a small organ located in the lower right abdomen, and the smartest doctors in the world really don’t have a clue what it does, if anything. When the appendix has a blockage or becomes infected, there can be increased pressure and swelling as well as issues with blood flow. If this occurs, it then becomes appendicitis. And if the appendix bursts, it can cause a life threatening infection. Appendicitis can be scary, painful, and confusing, so this article is going to cover the basics of this condition.

While there are 3.5 million visits to the emergency room every year for bone fractures, appendicitis is another common need for a trip to the hospital. Because it is so hard to diagnose, it is also the cause of many unnecessary emergency room visits. However, because it’s such a serious condition and requires surgery, it’s usually better to be safe than to be very, very sorry. Appendicitis is considered a medical emergency and usually requires emergency surgery services. There are two main types of emergency surgery services when it comes to removing an appendix:

  1. Open appendectomy
  2. Laparoscopic appendectomy

Which surgery is done will depend on the condition of the appendix. If the appendix is just beginning to show signs of appendicitis, the surgeon may decide on a less invasive laparoscopic appendectomy. This procedure is less invasive and uses a very small incision, video camera, and surgical tools. The appendix is removed through a small hole and this method generally causes less pain for the patient. However, if the appendix has already burst, then an open appendectomy may be needed. During this procedure, an open two- to four-inch incision is made, out of which the appendix is removed.

Fortunately, both types of appendectomy come with little risks of complications. However, it’s important to note that all conditions of appendicitis require emergency medical care. Once the appendix has become infected, the patient has about 48 to 72 hours before their appendix bursts. If the appendix bursts, it can lead to peritonitis, which is a life-threatening infection.

So, what symptoms should you be aware of regarding appendicitis? Common symptoms may include:

  • Pain that begins in the belly and travels to the right side of the abdomen
  • Swelling in the abdomen
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Low fever
  • Loss of appetite

While symptoms may vary from patient to patient, pain in the right side of the abdomen is the most common and prominent symptom of appendicitis.

If someone is experiencing any of these symptoms, they should seek emergency care services as soon as possible. At an emergency clinic, the patient will be diagnosed and the method of emergency surgery services will be decided. After the patient is put under general anesthesia, the surgeon will remove the appendix. Once the procedure is done, the appendix will be sent to a lab for testing to ensure there are no further problems to be addressed.

Hopefully, this article provided some insight into appendicitis. While appendicitis is an extremely serious condition, the procedures to remove the appendix are relatively simple. Once the appendix is removed, the patient will have a short recovery period and will be back to normal in no time.