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Do You Struggle With Kidney Or Urinary Problems? Order From A Medical Supply Store Online

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Catheter leg bag extension tubing

Do you struggle with any number of kidney or urinary conditions? Buying from a medical supply store online might be the most useful option for you. Thanks to advances in both technology and transportation the ability to provide for your condition is more accessible than ever before. From a catheter leg bag extension tubing to disposable drain bags, a medical supply store online can provide you with everything you need and more.

Kidney Disease And Failure

One of the most common conditions facing Americans, particularly older populations, is that of kidney disease and kidney failure. When kidney disease reaches the point where a person has less than 10% or 15% of their kidney function available, either a dialysis or kidney transplant is a necessary option. While it

By the Numbers Clinical Trials on the Rise Around the World

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Medical research studies alabama

Clinical drug development and trials are an extremely important part of the pharmaceutical industry, and allows scientists to test potential new drugs, treatments, surgical procedures, and devices. According to, as of December 2016 there are 231,976 completed or in progress registered clinical trials, including 84,716 (37% of total) in the United States, and 47% in 194 foreign countries. And the number of trials continues to rise as medical studies continue to advance.

Every drug and treatment on the market has begun as a phase 1 clinical trial. Without these trials, we would not have discovered necessary vaccines that have nearly eliminated some previously lethal diseases, or developed technologies

How Skilled Nursing Care Can Make a Difference

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Skilled nursing in home care

If you or someone in your family needs to spend time in a nursing home, you are probably curious about the level of care and types of services that these facilities provide. Many people don’t realize that nursing homes offer skilled nursing care as well as other important services, such as post-hospitalization care.

In many cases, someone may only need short-term care services, and a skilled nursing facility can provide these as well as long-term care services. Furthermore, depending upon the situation, in-home nursing care can also be provided along with respite and hospice care.

When Does Someone Need Skilled Nursing Care?

Want to Shed a Few Pounds This Winter? Follow These 3 Great Tips

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Weight loss program

Losing weight around this time of the year can be extremely difficult. Although everyone seems to be discussing their plans to go to the gym and start that new diet, those conversations seem to always happen over a large meal with a stick of butter on top.

Here are a few helpful tips that should make it easier on you this winter to actually shed a few pounds instead of putting on a couple extra hundred.

Keep a Food, Weight, and Exercise Diary

Losing weight is so hard it’s nearly impossible to do it without setting yourself up for the best possible scenario. Keeping track of all your weight loss records can make it much easier to stay on track and actually see results. You can keep a paper journal, use a mobile app, or just write out your meals and time of physical activity on a calenda