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Are You Interested in Improving Your Health? Find the Right Personal Trainer for You

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Hire a personal trainer

Whether the company for which you work offers corporate health and wellness programs for its employees or you are interested in personal fitness training, it is important to keep in mind that maintaining great physical health can help your mental health as well and improve your overall quality of life.

Part of the journey on your way to achieving your specific goals involves figuring out where to find a personal trainer. This will likely require some additional research on your part, and it can be helpful to ask family members an

Three Things You Might Not Have Known About Raspberry Ketones

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Raspberry ketone supplement

If you are considering a raspberry ketone diet, then you probably already know a little bit about raspberry ketones. In America, where almost two out of every three adults is either overweight or obese, the search has been on for safe and reliable weight loss solutions. Since about 2012, raspberry ketones have become a popular supplement for weight loss, in part because they were identified as a viable option by the very popular Dr. Oz.

Raspberry ketones have actually been around for several decades. They are the key compound in red raspberries that give the fruit its unique aroma, and s

What to Do if You Know or Think You Have Thyroid Problems

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History of thyroid problems

Did you know that one in every eight women will develop a thyroid issue in their lifetime? Knowing about thyroid disease is crucial-it can help lead to early detection, which can save money, time, and even the lives of those affected. Sometimes, people with a family history of thyroid know about thyroid disease and can catch the symptoms early, but for the general public, thyroid disorders might go undiagnosed for a while.

Hypothyroidism causes the metabolism to slow down, which can cause extreme weight gain, depression, and fatigue. Most scientific research has shown that men are more likely to develop thyroid problems than women, although like most diseases, hypothyroidism does not discriminate nor favor one type of person over another.

According to the American Thyroid Association, about thr

Making the Choice Between Private Practice, or Urgent Care

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Physical therapy

An annual survey from Medscape and Web M.D. revealed some shocking information about doctor’s careers. Approximately 24,000 doctors were polled, and only 41% said that they would choose the same specialty, given the choice to do it all again, and only 25% would choose the same type of practice. This is a fairly low satisfaction rate, and somewhat disheartening considering that more than 11 years of education gets sunk into a doctor’s career. Clearly, choosing a compatible practice is important. If you are pursuing a career in medicine, and you can’t make up your mind which career path to choose, then it is worth carefully considering the differences between a private practice, and the urgent care setting.

Family Medicine Physicians in Private Practice

A general family doctor treats a wide