Why You Should Sell Acne Products Private Label

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Acne affects 40 million to 50 million Americans, making it the most common skin disorder in the United States. As many as 85% of all people will experience acne during their lives, with acne on the face, chest, and back being the most common. With such a strong consumer base, the market for acne treatments such as acne pads is a strong one. From drugstores to supermarkets and even department stores, companies are often competing tooth and nail to claim more of this fertile market. So how do you help your product line of acne treatments stand out? By leveraging the advantages of private labeling.

What is private labeling?

Private labeling is quite simply placing one company’s brand on another company’s product. It’s a trend that’s seeing increasing popularity among businesses as a growing number turn away from national brands to offer a less expensive private label alternative.

Why sell your acne pads private label?

Why could selling acne pads private label be the trick to getting a larger share of the over the counter acne treatment market? The answer lies in the benefits of private labeling.

  1. Better branding

    Set yourself apart from the crowd with private labels on your products. With private label skin care brands, retailers can create better sales opportunities for themselves. You can customize the design of your acne pads private label with logos or tag lines, making the product more personal. With a familiar design on your private label products, you can enhance customer loyalty. Match your acne pads private label design to that of other private label products you offer so customers can easily locate your line of products on the shelf.
  2. The ability to shape shoppers’ experiences

    When you use private label brands as opposed to national brands, you have the ability to customize the structure of shoppers’ experiences while in the store. Through strategic placement of your private label products, you can leverage marketing advantages over national brands. For instance, you could place your acne pads private label on end cap displays to help your product stand out from the rest. Match your label design to signage throughout the store for an even greater marketing advantage.
  3. You control the product factors

    With your acne pads private label brand, you determine not only the package design, but also the size, production, distribution, and price. By leveraging this greater control, you can implement new strategies to gain more of the market share over national brands who don’t share your production to sale advantages.
  4. Offer a better value

    Value is only one of the factors customers weigh when selecting between national and private label brands, but it is an important one. Consumers are in constant need of affordable packaged solutions. Selling your skin care products such as acne pads private label will help you fill that need. Going back to your increased product control, with private label goods, you can adjust to meet your consumers’ needs. When the market is in a downturn, for instance, consumers will view money-saving options in higher regard. As such, they’re more likely to turn to your private label products.
  5. Exclusivity

    Last but not least, when you sell acne pads private label, you are the only one who offers those specific acne pads under that label. This means your customers can’t go into the mega store next door and expect to buy the same acne pads they get with your private label. As you grow your brand loyalty through your private label products, you’ll also be able to grow your overall sales by drawing them in for one product – – such as your acne pads – – and selling them on another – – such as private label organic skin care – – before they leave.


What used to be viewed as a second-rate alternative to national brands are now becoming a hot new trend. Private label products are rapidly gaining more of the market share from national brands as consumers come to recognize them for the value they offer. When looking for ways to improve your acne product sales or if you’re thinking of just breaking into this huge industry, take the time to consider selling your acne treatments and acne pads private label.

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