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Did you know that most online news sites have sections with free health tips and health related news articles where they comment on American healthcare news? These sections with health related news articles are important for Americans so that they can stay informed, responsible citizens who can form educated opinions on the health care debate.

In 2009, healthcare costs in the United States were equal to the entire GDP of Great Britain, which is very indicative of America’s state of affairs with health care. Many citizens can’t afford any coverage, so they have to turn to alternative options, like online resources. In response, President Obama’s signature Obamacare, a federal universal healthcare plan on the first of October. The New York Times explains this plan in health related news artricles, saying “The health care reform law, known as the Affordable Care Act, requires the creation in every state of new health insurance exchanges on which people can shop for health plans. Insurers selling plans on exchanges will have to provide a set of ‘essential benefits’ and virtually anyone will be allowed to buy on exchanges (except undocumented immigrants).”

However, there were such bitter party divisions that one faction of the government decided to oppose it by shutting the government down. Vital services, like the post office, remain open, but most other federal workers had to go home on unpaid leave. Health related news articles are imperative for American citizens during such a crisis, because they not offer top health tips and weekly health tips, but they also educate Americans so that they can make informed opinions. For example, health related news articles from the Kaiser Family Foundation report that half of all medical spending in the United States is spent on only 5% of the population.

Although the common cold is the most common ailment in the United States, there are bigger concerns about the state of health in American. Should the government revise Obamacare, or is this just a crisis of party politics? With health related news articles, you can decide for yourself. If you have any questions or comments regarding health related news articles, feel free to ask in the comments!

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