Why Choosing The Right CPAP Mask is Important

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One thing to consider when receiving a CPAP machine for sleep apnea treatment is what type of mask is suitable for you. Because cpap masks are supposed to stay on your face whilst you sleep, comfort is an important factor. Everyone is different when it comes to their cpap mask preferences, some prefer the nasal pillows, others the nasal mask, and a small percent have no preference at all. In order to choose the best cpap mask for you here is some general information about different types of cpap masks and their benefits:

  • Full face: The full face cpap masks cover the nose, mouth and a good portion of the face, they are great for individuals who frequently have nasal congestion or commonly breath through their mouths. This is the best mask for high pressure by increasing the surface area it makes it seem less intense than more direct pressure over a smaller area.

  • Nasal: These types of cpap masks come in different sizes for a more comfortable fit across the nasal area and usually extend no further than the upper lip area. The suction aspect of this mask is great for people who toss and turn frequently and keeps the mask securely in place.

  • Nasal pillows: Some prefer this smaller mask compared to a full face apparatus, which can be quite hampering and claustrophobic for some. Since the nasal pillow doesn’t cover the bridge of the nose it enables the wearer to also be able to wear glasses simultaneously.

Just like there are different types of cpap masks, if you are put on a BiPAP machine you will have similar options when choosing a bipap mask. The main reason for choosing a suitable mask is how important continued use of your machine is for your health. Because up to 80% of patients who are supposed to use a CPAP machine don’t use it enough, this puts them at risk for cardiovascular problems , which claims the lives of 38 thousand people per year on average. After several uses, you will become accustomed to the sensation of the mask on your face and it shouldn’t be as bothersome, just remember not to underestimate the consequences of inadequate CPAP machine use.

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