Which Packaging Choice Should I Use?

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Using correct packaging for a product is a huge part of its success. You want to ensure that your product will be housed within safe packaging. However, there are many customization options for packages that business owners aren’t often aware of. Pharmaceutical packaging companies can create the right style and type of packaging to suit a wide range of needs. In this post, you will learn more about the different types of pharmaceutical and medical packaging that is available.

  1. Blister Packs: There are many different types of blister packs that can be made. This type of packaging is often used because of the protective bubble that it provides. Thick plastic ensures that your product stays undamaged. Smaller blister packs are often used for individual pills. Thin film pharmaceutical packaging can be placed over this pack. Having thin film pharmaceutical packaging included within a blister pack ensures a product safe but still easy to open.
  2. Carded Blister Packs: This packaging is similar to a blister pack with the notable exception of space for cards to be inserted. It might not seem like much of a difference but the card space area could include valuable information for the consumer. In addition, companies often include coupons within a carded blister pack. In many cases, a consumer will be more inclined to get a product if there is some kind of savings attached to their purchase.
  3. Pouches: Sometimes, pouches are the better option for a medication. Packages that have pouches are used frequently in the pharmaceutical industry because it can include doses that are already measured. A scoop or other device can be included in a pouch. The scoop itself can be created to match the serving size. A company can also choose to have notches placed on the measuring device, in the event half or whole doses are to be used.

In closing, there is a wide array of packaging for medications. Blister packaging companies know just how popular blister packs are. A blister pack allows for many customization options while ensuring your medication is well protected. In addition, carded blister packs are great for including coupons or more information about the medication. There are times when a blister pack will not be the optimal solution. In these cases, companies often make use of pharmaceutical pouches. These pouches are also useful for containing a measurement device within the pouch.

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