Wheelchair Bound 4 Tips to Encourage a Love of Outdoors

Just because you find yourself in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that your life has to stop. Around two million people a year find themselves confined to a wheelchair and more than three million people over 15 years of age currently use a wheelchair. Wheelchairs can make you feel like your life has stopped and cause an individual to become more sedentary, probably explaining why almost 40% of those over 18 who suffer from disabilities are considered obese. Maintaining an active lifestyle with limited mobility is possible and may be simpler than you think. Read some tips below to see how it’s possible to keep an active lifestyle and not let your wheelchair limit where you go.


Knowing the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle can help the outside world become limitless. What you do isn’t nearly as important as getting out and doing something. The fresh air will life your spirits and boost your mood. Being in the outside air has shown to improve not only your mood, but it also helps reduce depression and relieve anxiety. Knowing this information can show the benefits of even getting out and going to the park.


When planning an outing make sure to research where you want to go. This is helpful to know what accessibility options they provide. If you’re wanting to go on trails, this can help you see the trails, how long they are and decide which ones are best for you. If you are planning on going to a park this can help you see what the park has to offer and which one best suits your needs.


Just because you have found yourself in a wheel chair does not mean that you can never go hiking again. Equipment is available to make hiking and outdoor activities easier for those suffering from mobility issues. Check out the equipment, find what suits you best for what you are wanting to do.

Don’t go Alone

Consider bringing a friend with you when you decide to go on an outdoor adventure. Having a friend will give you someone to talk to while out and about. Find a friend that enjoys the same things that you do so you two can share your interests. If you don’t have a friend then search for organized hikes or activities in your area. Group events can help you find others who share your interest, and those individuals could end up becoming really good friends.

Consider these tips to help motivate you to get up and get out. Remember what you do is not as important as just getting out and trying. You may end up finding that what you want to do is very easy and it was just fear holding you back. Don’t let being in a wheelchair stop you from enjoying life and the beautiful outdoors.

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