What to Except from Adult Braces

It’s not uncommon to find adults wearing braces. If you’re an adult needing braces, your first question would be ‘how long will the treatment take?’. The video explains what to expect from adult braces. Treatment length for everyone isn’t the same.

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It’s determined by the complexity of the issues.

Limited braces treatment can take only three months if there are only a few things that need to be fixed. Comprehensive treatment may take between two to three years. Most patients fall between these two ranges.

If you had braces as a teenager but didn’t wear retainers, you may need orthodontic treatment to straighten some teeth. This may only take three months, as the earlier braces had already addressed the main problem. If you have severe crowding and bite issues, and no prior treatment, the treatment length will take longer, up to two years.

Adult braces can take a shorter time compared to children’s as teeth are already set in place, and the jaws are developed. Comparatively, for some children, the treatment may take longer as the orthodontist waits for more teeth to come through. Consult an orthodontist for your adult braces and they’ll advise you on the treatment time after examining you.


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