What is Sports Medicine?

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Sports medicine physicians can help athletes prevent injury and play to their full potential on the field. But what exactly are their responsibilities? This video shows a sports medicine doctor explaining her job so you can better understand.

Sports medicine doctors don’t just work with athletes. They advocate for exercise for everyone and help treat the general public, too. They are usually athletes themselves and have a love for exercise.

A big responsibility for sports medicine doctors is to work with athletes and teams in the event of injury during practice or a game. Whether it’s a concussion, tendon injury, fracture, or stretched muscle, a sports medicine physician can help.

Sports medicine doctors may also sit on committees to help put together action plans for events, be it a game, a race, or something else. These large events put together committees of medical professionals, and some are sports medicine experts.

Overall, sports medicine doctors specialize in musculoskeletal injuries. Muscle, tendons, joints, and skin are the biggest responsibilities for sports med docs. They also help spread the benefits of exercise to the general public.

For more information on sports medicine and sports medicine physicians, click on the link to the video above.

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