What is IPL Photofacial Treatment?

If you have issues with skin discoloration, IPL photofacial treatment could be an option for you. Now you may be asking “What exactly is IPL Photofacial treatment?” Let’s discuss the basics of IPL and if it’s right for you.

IPL stands for intense pulse light which is an energy based device typically used on people with fair complexions. Most people who use IPL photofacial treatment have experienced some kind of sun damage in the past so they are concerned with redness of the skin as well as brown discoloration spots.

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You can safely get IPL treatment every four weeks, but the amount of treatment sessions required vary depending on the individual.

The treatment itself shares similarities with laser hair removal as an energy based device is placed adjacent to the skin in order to extrude light that causes a reaction. The process is known to feel a bit uncomfortable and within a few days, during the healing process, the damaged skin will turn a bit brown for a few days. This is only temporary and when it is done, what is left is clean, refreshed skin.

IPL photofacial treatment works by intense pulse light entering the skin to destroy brown and red color in the skin. The goal is to leave the skin uniform in terms of its natural color.

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