What Is Insomnia? How Can You Get Insomnia Help?

Unfortunately, insomnia is incredibly common in many people. Insomnia, otherwise known as stress about falling asleep, can be caused by many factors and affects some people worse than others. In this video by TED-Ed, the narrator discusses insomnia and how to receive insomnia help.

For many people, stress is the leading cause of a restless night.

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This can be because of upcoming events, work, friends and family, or other external stressors. However, with insomnia, the stress about needing to fall asleep is what causes the sleepness night. Even when insomniacs are able to fall asleep, the sleep is usually unproductive, as the brain has been so active even during rest that the person does not feel recharged.

So how can one overcome this? The most prominent treatment is to try and limit your stress before bedtime. Whether this is by taking a back, keeping the bedroom at a certain temperature, reading a book, whatever you need to do in order to feel less stressed right before bed. If you have any more questions or want to speak to someone for professional insomnia help, contact your doctor today.

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