What Is a DO and How Do They Differ From MD?

You have probably heard of medical doctors, or MDs, because they are the most common type of doctor in the US. If you have a primary care physician, they are probably an MD. But have you ever heard of a DO, or an osteopathic doctor? In this video, you will learn the differences between MDs and DOs including how their training, education, and expertise differs. The main difference that sets them apart at all is that DOs practice osteopathic manipulative therapy which is like a type of physical therapy that is hands-on and directly manipulates body tissue.

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It can be an alternative to medication and surgery and can treat all sorts of ailments. DOs are taught to view the body as a whole and consider the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Aside from the difference in education, DOs and MDs have similar residency experiences and are only getting more similar as time goes on. They are both equally legally recognized and there is a lot of overlap in what they practice. Not one is necessarily better than the other.


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