Tips for Becoming a Physical Therapist

If you have interest in the field of physical therapy, watch this video to hear from a certified physical therapist.

If you are considering becoming a physical therapist, you should shadow a physical therapist. When you shadow a PT you get to see what it’s like work in the field of physical therapy on a day to day basis. You will get to witness techniques and procedures firsthand and it will paint a clear picture about the job.

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A lot of schools require shadowing hours so it’s important to get a lot of experience shadowing.

The next step to becoming a physical therapist is taking the pre requisites required. It’s good to think about this early because some programs require these pre requisites to be taken care of before you can be admitted. You may need to take extra courses at a community college, but this is a good way to save money while taking the necessary courses.

The third step is to take the GRE. This is an examination required to get into most physical therapy programs. Some programs don’t require it anymore, but it is smart to prepare for higher education by taking it anyways. This can give you an extra edge that other students may not have.

If you have any other questions about the process of becoming a physical therapist, reach out to one in your local area.

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