The Work Week Have You Exhausted? It Might Be Time To Take That Vacation


It’s time to face the facts…we could all use a vacation. When too much stress has been proven to increase your risk of developing heart disease and debilitating conditions like high blood pressure, ‘waiting it out’ simply doesn’t cut it. A vacation is the very definition of a physical and mental detox. It allows you a means of recovering from stressful week after stressful week and puts you in a much better spot to get back to the grind. You could even tack a few more years onto your lifespan.

Sound extreme? It should. Let’s read about why an extended break could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Stress: The Silent Killer

Americans talk about being stressed like most would talk about the weather. “I’m so stressed today.”, one of your co-workers might say. “I barely got any sleep last night.”, a classmate might tell you after the course has wrapped up. Stress is a silent killer that has serious long-term ramifications if not reduced. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and stress is frequently cited as a major contributor. Stress can be caused by working too much, a recent break-up or poor emotional health.

A 2016 consumer survey provided by AMTA saw nearly 20% of American adults receiving at least one massage last year.

Improve Your Physical Health

How can luxury accommodations improve your physical health? Let’s count the ways. Just like how chronic stress can increase your risk of developing all sorts of health conditions, so too can reduced stress give you the opposite. People who are less stressed report better moods, sleeping more consistently and even getting sick less. Yes, constantly succumbing to the common cold or the flu isn’t normal! Common methods of reducing stress are attending therapy, picking up a relaxing hobby or exercising more frequently.

An impressive 15 million Americans take yoga at least once per month, if not several times.

Soothe Your Mental Health

Lifestyle changes are all well and good…but can they really bolster your mental health? Absolutely. Americans logged in over one billion trips for leisure purposes alone back in 2015. An international study also showed over 60% of respondents actively preferring a relaxing vacation over an active and exciting one. When you’re feeling despondent, irritable or weary after work (no matter how many times you binge on Netflix), that’s a sign your mental health is taking a toll.

Anxiety, depression and sleeping disorders are at an all-time high.

Connect With Your Romantic Roots

What else can luxury accommodations on a vacation do for you? Let’s just say there’s something quite lovely about some alone time on the beach. A study found four out of 10 travelers feeling more romantic on vacation, making it much easier for them to reconnect with a spouse or partner. According to another survey by AARP, nearly 25% of Millennials planned on crafting their very own romantic getaway back in 2016. Luxury accommodations give you a taste of better in a bite-sized package.

These can be as elaborate as a luxurious couples massage or as simple as a fancy facial.

Improve Your Life One Vacation At A Time

You deserve some downtime. Week after week of hard work and study takes a toll on your health, putting you in a bad spot if you don’t mediate it with some fun. A couples getaway is a fantastic method of connecting with a loved one, giving you much-needed therapy even as you soak in the sights and enjoy local food. The U.S. spa industry exceeded $16 billion back in 2015 and four out of five domestic trips are taken for leisure purposes alone. As you can see, more Americans than ever are starting to see the wisdom in taking a week or two off.

Next time you’re starting to feel the wear and tear of stress, consider how a weekend of luxury accommodations can put a pep back in your step.

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