The Cold Season Is Upon Us Have You Received Your Flu Shot Yet?

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One of the most startling aspects of suddenly getting injured is not the pain itself, but how you’re going to recover.

Healthcare isn’t a one-way street. There are times you need to seek out preventative care by meeting with your regular doctor. Other times the emergency room is your only option. When you have an illness or injury that isn’t serious enough to warrant an ambulance but painful enough to need fast attention, a walk in urgent care center can meet you halfway. A little knowledge goes a long way in keeping you both healthy and sane. Learn about the function of a walk in urgent care center and how it can save you money while still providing viable care.

How Many People Use Urgent Care Centers?

Multicare clinics are in high demand for their affordable costs and convenient wait times. As of today there are around 20,000 physicians practicing the art of urgent care medicine. This demand, in fact, is only expected to increase. The Urgent Care Association Of America estimated three million people will visit a local urgent care clinic every week. These visits vary widely across the board, from seeking out salve for burns to splints for fractures.

What Injuries Do Urgent Care Clinics Treat?

The emergency room is designed explicitly for life-threatening conditions that need immediate treatment. A walk in urgent care clinic, however, is for minor to moderate injuries that are painful enough to circumvent a meeting with a regular physician. An estimated four out of five urgent care centers will provide on-the-spot fracture care, which is especially viable considering nearly 25,000 Americans will suffer from a sprain every day. Cuts, burns and bruises can also be treated. When in doubt, a check-up can put your mind at ease and ensure a full recovery.

What About Illnesses?

Injuries aren’t the only issues an urgent care doctor can look at. When you feel unable to recover from an illness on your own (or you worry your symptoms are getting worse), it’s time to visit a walk in urgent care clinic for an assessment. Every year Americans will come down with a collective one billion colds. Cold symptoms can last as short as two days and as long as two weeks. Around 20% of Americans will also come down with the flu every year. These minor to moderate illnesses can become exacerbated by poor lifestyle habits, compromised immune systems and age.

Can I Also Get Preventative Care?

Preventative care is just as important as quick treatment, putting you in a better spot to avoid common illnesses as they come. Flu shots are a useful resource at most urgent care clinics, with each vaccine updated regularly to combat the dynamic nature of the flu virus. It’s recommended you get the flu shot every year to stay protected, though it’s important to remember vaccination takes two weeks to take effect. Other issues that can be treated at an urgent care center are poison ivy infections, urinary tract infections and skin conditions. It’s also becoming increasingly common to seek out medication and advice for sexually transmitted diseases.

Is A Walk In Urgent Care Center More Affordable?

You deserve quality medical care. Learning about your options will make sure you get the treatment you need every time. An emergency room is a viable resource for life-threatening conditions, but knowing when to use it will do wonders for saving you money. Studies have shown Americans can save a few hundred dollars per person by choosing urgent care centers instead of defaulting to the emergency room. Over 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days per week, though their hours can vary immensely. Some clinics are open at night, while others close at noon.

Learn about your local walk in urgent care center and put your health first.

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