Taking A Look At The Benefits Of Caring For Your Mental Health

Mental illnesses of all different types are certainly far from uncommon here in the United States. After all, mental illness comes in all different sizes and develops for all different reasons as well. The data more than backs this up, showing high rates of mental illness all throughout the country as a whole, impacting populations of children and adults alike.

From depression to anxiety to even relationship problems or past trauma, seeing a therapist and engaging in therapy can be more than just going on a journey of self discovery. Of course, the journey of self discovery might happen as well, but the overall quality of the patient’s life is likely to improve as well, journey of self discovery or not. But no matter what the outcome, therapists and psychologists – even psychiatrists – can provide a safe space for trauma to be dealt with, for a journey of self discovery to occur, or for a relationship to be mended.

While a journey of self discovery might not happen as intensively in such a setting just due to the nature of it, couples counseling has proven hugely beneficial for couples, married and unmarried alike, all throughout the country. After all, the divorce rate has climbed to 50% here in the United States, and taking steps like going to couples counseling is likely something that will be hugely beneficial for many people all throughout the country, something that will save many a marriage or even just many a relationship in general.

Seeking out couples counseling is not just for those who are looking to work through relationship problems, however. Couples counseling can even just be a great way to improve communication and to better understand your partner, something that most of us would be likely to benefit from. Engaging in some amount of couples counseling before getting married can be an important factor in anyone’s journey of self discovery, especially when part of a couple. Some studies, such as one conducted by BYU, have found that such counseling can even lead to a lowered risk of an eventual divorce, sometimes by as much as 50%.

Counseling for addiction can also be an important factor on any journey to self discovery, as substance abuse has also become more commonplace than ever before as well. After all, substance abuse in certain populations is climbing, such as in the population of those who are over the age of 50. Within this one population alone, substance abuse rates have more than doubled in recent years. Of course, substance abuse rates are also high among younger populations as well. Not only must the addiction itself be treated, but it is also hugely important to get to the actual root of the addiction, something that can certainly be harder to do when therapy is not in place.

In addition to everything mentioned above, counseling for children can also be hugely beneficial. Sometimes, children of all ages have a difficult time coping with the stresses of life or certain instances in their lives, such as can be seen in cases of divorce. In addition to this, some children might just be chemically predisposed to developing some kind of mental health concern. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs up this claim, as it shows that one out of every seven children falling in the short span between two years old and eight years old has been diagnosed with either a mental illness, a behavioral disorder, or some type of developmental disorder. Working in therapy can be hugely beneficial for these children, giving them the coping skills necessary to deal with their illness for the rest of their lives, in childhood and on into adulthood as well.

From mending a relationship to beating an addiction to going on a journey of self discovery, there are many reasons that just about everyone is likely to benefit from therapy here in the United States. Life can be hugely stressful, after all, and there is no shame in getting help when help is needed, no matter why you might need the help or what about. For some, therapy can even be life saving.

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