Stenosis and Related Treaments in Reno, NV

Why are my hands going numb

If you suffer from stenosis or one of several other common disorders, we may be able to help you get the treatment you need and to help you begin recovering and feeling better. Stenosis and related diseases can be extremely dangerous, so if you are aware of or think you might suffer from stenosis or a related problem, you should seek treatment immediately before the problem becomes worse. If you need stenosis treatments Reno, Nevada, we may be able to help you.

“Stenosis” generally refers to the narrowing of a blood vessel. Stenosis becomes more common as people age. However, stenosis can be caused by a variety of things, such as cholesterol buildup and fatty blockages in a blood vessel, accidents, or anything else than can occlude or damage a blood vessel. The narrowing of a blood vessel can cause several serious problems, including lack of blood flow to the extremities or other body parts, embolisms, and strokes, depending on their location and severity. This is why stenosis treatments Reno can be imperative.

We also offer treatment for several other common extremity and back problems. Herniated discs are a common disorder often caused by overly straining the back, but can also happen with age, especially if you have lived a very active life or have had a labor intesive career. We offer herniated disc surgery Reno to help you get over this problem. Sciatica and scoliosis are also common nervous and back disorders, so if you need sciatica treatments Reno or scoliosis treatments reno, we may be able to help you.

If you are having a general back or extremity problem, like pain, diminished performance, tingling, or something similar, one of these problems may be the cause. Our services may be able to help pinpoint your problem and begin the treatment you need to start feeling better. If you are experiencing symptoms of any of these, especially stenosis, you should come in and consider stenosis treatments Reno immediately. Stenosis treatments Reno could literally save your life.

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