STD Testing Why You Should Consider A Walk In Clinic

Anonymous std testing

When it comes to visiting the doctor, few people enjoy themselves. Having a checkup alone is stressful — never mind the times you think that something might actually be wrong. But there’s stressing over a doctor’s visit, and there’s being embarrassed. Nobody should feel embarrassed about visiting the doctor. Medical professionals have seen everything, and there’s little that could surprise them at this point. With that being said, some medical issues are more delicate than others. One of the more sensitive types of testing in the medical field is STD testing. It’s not that it’s so difficult. Most of the time, STD testing can be done in a short amount of time, with minimal invasiveness required and a diagnosis arriving in a relatively short amount of time. However, people are often ashamed about their need for STD testing, and they certainly do not want their friends and family to know about it without their permission. Furthermore, some STDs are contracted through infidelity — which means that it’s vital to the patient that not only the results, but the tests themselves are confidential. No matter what the reason, patients deserve privacy. While at home STD testing is a possible option and some primary care physicians offer STD testing kits, free STD testing centers are great alternatives for patients in need.

Free STD Testing Centers: Can You Trust Them?

There is one thing that has many patients balking over whether or not to go to one of the many free STD testing centers available. This is the fact that the clinics are free in the first place. Many people have the perception that free services are subpar, and that they won’t be tended to by real medical professionals. In fact, many free walk in clinics are managed by certified doctors. The staff on hand is made up of medical professionals like physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants among others. You’re receiving the same level of care that you would at a doctor’s office. And certainly, the accuracy of the results you would receive at free STD testing centers is far higher than any you would find after using an at home kit. The fact is that the way you administer the kit and read the results are subject to human error. And that chance for error certainly increases should a non-professional administer the test.

Saving Money: Free Walk In Clinics Versus Hospital And Offices

While it’s true that many free walk in clinics can provide STD testing services — which would usually not be taken care of at an emergency room — these services can also be provided at your doctor’s office. So why wouldn’t you have these tests done at your primary care physician’s office? Well, much of it has to do with the money you would pay. Even if you do have insurance, these services aren’t covered by all insurance plans. For that matter, many people don’t feel comfortable going to their primary care physicians for this kind of care. This isn’t to say that primary care physicians don’t provide confidential care. But some feel that they can rely on the discretion of STD testing centers for this reason. Of course, any kind of service is cheaper at a free clinic. Emergency room bills can amount to hundreds and in some cases even thousands of dollars. By going to a free clinic, you naturally save money — but that’s not all you save.

Saving Time: Walk In And Walk Out Of Free Clinics

STD tests should not be remarkably time consuming. They’re usually fairly simple. With that being said, they often take more time than they should simply because physician’s offices are very busy. Typically, free clinics actually require shorter wait times. They also can provide the same quick results expected from physician’s offices. What’s not to like when you’re saving both time and money, while getting the same level of care and confidentiality you would expect from your usual doctor?

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