Regrow Your Luscious Locks With Hair Transplants

Hair transplant surgery has become the next big thing for people who lack hair and are in search of a permanent alternative. People who have a genetic inclination for balding and thinning hair often become self-conscious about their appeal to both themselves and others—hair loss is the primary reason why most people are unable to resume their daily lives, it impedes their ability to feel confident and attractive. Although hair loss appears in older woman, men are far more likely to suffer from hair loss in their earlier years. Most men suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia, known as common male pattern baldness that accounts for hair loss in over 95% of men—research shows by the age of 35 nearly two-thirds of American men have experienced significant hair loss. Thankfully, balding can be reversed! Through groundbreaking technological advancements, hair replacement has become a permanent alternative method to wigs and toupees.

What Is Hair Replacement?

A hair replacement is a surgical-based method that allows people the chance to get their confidence back with thicker, fuller hair. People rely on hair transplants to restore areas with thinning or no hair without the hassle of constantly buying and styling hair. Hair loss specialists have performed hair transplant surgery since the 1950s, but the techniques have significantly changed to guarantee results—FUE transplant or Follicular Unit Extraction is a recent advancement in hair treatment that uses individual follicular unit grafts for a more realistic look and harvested one at a time using a small punch typically ranging from .7 to 1 millimeter in size. A FUE hair transplant is an alternative to the original method, follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) which removes a 6-10-inch strip of skin for the head and sews the scalp closed. FUE has been regarded as the better method because it’s less evasive methods— FUSS has a higher complication rate because it leaves significant scars in the back of the head, its procedure limits graft harvesting, and takes far more time to recover from. FUE is minimally invasive with a lower complication rate without scaring, and far shorter recovery time. The extensive procedure allows people to regain their luscious locks and maintain them with various treatments, without having to worry about balding any longer.

What Are The Benefits of Hair Replacement?

Improved appearance: Most people admit to feeling embarrassed or disappointed in the way they look. They seek out hair specialists as an opportunity to fill balding patches to improve their looks, which makes feel more attractive and confident. Research shows, in the U.S alone, nearly 35 million men have endured some degree of hair loss or baldness, hair replacements allow for people to feel as if they’ve reclaimed their lives and rekindled their earlier years.

Permanent alternative: A lot of hair treatments offer the possibility of hair for a certain length of time. For some, those methods help, but for others, they desire a balding treatment that provides permanent results.

Low maintenance: After a hair transplant procedure, upkeep is relatively minimal. The affected areas act as naturally reoccurring hair, so there’s no need for special hair produces or care regiments to maintain it. Most people tend to choose this method over any hair alternative because it requires permanent results without the hassle of upkeep and expensive hair products.

Cost savings: Although hair restoration procedures tend to be known for being costly, the cost of a hair transplant is far more cost-effective. Unlike other balding remedies, hair transplant surgeries are a one-time procedure, allowing clients to save a significant amount of money on additional visits and such.

Safe and natural: Hair transplants don’t require any special chemicals or medicines that could potentially damage your hair. Although there are various methods for hair growth, hair transplant surgery is considered the most natural, safe, and effective.

Where Are The Best Hair Transplant Surgery Places?

Hair surgeries are a popular procedure to get done to restore hair. Many facilities understand how to treat hair loss and offer services that provide a wide range of options for hair restoration; however, Los Angeles, California is the best place to get the surgical procedure done. Known for being home to celebrity surgeons, the best FUE hair transplant can be found in Los, Angeles to make for a seamless hair procedure.

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