Private Drug Rehab Centers The More Effective Choice

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Were you aware that men tend toward addiction more than women? Did you also know that women usually have more mood and anxiety disorders? While it’s been shown that 70% of mental health issues become apparent during childhood or adolescence, these individuals may not have received the treatment that they needed.

It is not uncommon for individuals with a substance abuse issue to also have a mental illness. The reverse is also true in many instances. It’s been found that when a person has a substance abuse problem, they are up to 3 times more likely to also present with a mental illness. Recent figures show that dual-diagnosis, or co-occurring mental illness, has been discovered with 15% of the individuals diagnosed with substance abuse problems.

When an individual has a mental illness, they have been shown to be twice as likely to also have a substance abuse problem. This is higher than with the general population of individuals living with different types of addiction. It has been found that a minimum of 20% of the individuals with mental illnesses also have a dual-diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse.

Since many individuals may not have have been professionally diagnosed with a substance abuse problem, a mental illness, or with a dual-diagnosis, they can receive a diagnosis as well as treatment when they are admitted to a private drug rehab center. Private drug abuse rehab centers can provide more individual, quality care than their state-funded counterparts.

In addition to receiving more quality care, there are other advantages of private rehab. Privacy, choice of location, and follow-up support are just a few of these advantages. Private drug abuse rehab centers also offer a variety of therapeutic practices which can assist an individual with recovery and prepare them to live life free from addiction.

It is unfortunate that 47,000 deaths occur in Canada every year as a result of substance abuse. Slightly over half of female addicts are more likely than male addicts to die prematurely due to their substance abuse. Furthermore, this has cost the Canadian health care system $8 billion, which are funds that could be allocated for other beneficial needed purposes.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health conducted a study on drinking. It was discovered that Canadians drank over 50% above the average across the globe. Since alcohol has been determined to be the third leading cause of diseases and injury, it’s essential that individuals with alcohol addiction receive the proper treatment.

When an individual is suffering with alcohol addiction, substance abuse, mental illness or has a dual diagnosis, they have a much better chance at recovery by being treated at private drug abuse rehab centers. Furthermore, they also have an increased chance of learning how to live an enjoyable and meaningful life.

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