Love Handles Have A New Enemy

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Did you know that it is now possible to freeze fat off?

That is right, there is a new procedure that plastic and cosmetic surgeons are offering their clients. Freezing your fat off is a FDA approved, minimally invasive procedure that takes less time than it does to eat lunch. It is simple, fast and allows you to finally get rid of those stubborn fatty areas.

The ideal candidates who freeze off fat are not people with weight problems. In fact, they are often people with healthy eating habits and active lifestyles. When they freeze fat off, they can target love handles and inner thighs. And because it is a minimally invasive procedure, the outside layers of your skin are unaffected. Patients who freeze off fat, can expect a 20 to 25 percent reduction of fat in the target areas.

If you freeze your fat, the process is simple. The first thing that happens is a consultation with a cosmetic or plastic surgeon. They will discuss with you your needs and evaluate the areas that you want to freeze fat off. They will take photos to use as later comparisons and then discuss the procedure.

To actually freeze fat off, the doctor will place a device on the areas you want to target. This device pulls the fat bulges into cooling panels that freeze the fat cells under the skin. That is it. No pain. No long scars. No physical therapy for recovery. And within a few months, the fat starts to melt away. It is not magic though. Your body gets rid of the fat cells the same way it does any other energy source, through the lymphatic system. That means you literally pee your fat out. But do not worry, like the procedure, it is painless.

Unlike some other fat loss procedures, there are no long term risks or complications when you freeze fat off. It is a quick, easy, and painless way to finally get rid of those pesky love handles.

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