How’s My Hair, This Could Just Mean My Career

Hair salons

Do you live in Washington DC? If so, than you probably know how getting the hair right is important. It is for this reason that people like Antoine Chahine have opened hair salons in the Fairfax Virginia Area. While it is difficult to assess who has the top hair salon fairfax va has welcomed the businesses of people like Chahine enthusiastically.

There are good reasons for this. Those who believe that Chahine has the best hair salon in the region can point to articles profiling his salon in The Washingtonian and Northern Virginia Magazine. They can also point to the fact that, as one of the top hair salons, his salon provides services to some of the top television personalities in the district. And they can point to the fact that Chahine began training in Lebanon when he was only 14 years old.

However, finding the top hair salon in Washington DC or Northern Virginia will probably always be a matter of dispute. For some people, the barbershop is enough. For others, having the hair styled in a particular way is necessary. For many people in the Beltway, hair is a way to demonstrate a distinct personality. It is amazing how many people are defined by their hair.

It is equally amazing how the political careers of many people may have changed had they not had hair. Having the top hair salon may be more important than people realize. Would the president, vice president or House Speaker have had successful political careers if they had been bald? There is no way to be certain, but one thing is for sure. No president since Eisenhower has been bald.

In a town where popularity means survival, finding the right hair stylist is often key. And, whether or not that person is Antoine Chahine, people will always continue to look for the top hair salon in the District.

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