How to Reduce Knee Pain

Many people will experience knee pain at some point in their lives. It could be from an work injury, sports injury, aging, or any other reason. It can be frustrating for your knee to always be hurting. It may even be interfering with your life and job. In this video, you will learn how to reduce this knee pain.

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Also consider visiting a joint restoration specialist.

Sometimes knee pain can be due to the muscles around the knee cap tensing up and pulling the knee cap downwards. This puts pressure on the join and can lead to pain. There is a stretch that you can do to help relieve this tension and the pain that comes with it. First, find a comfortable place to sit on the floor. Next, take your hands on either side of your kneecap, and move it back and forth and side to side. This will help loosen the knee cap and reduce the tension. It may not move much at first. Try this exercise for about 30 seconds at first. Discomfort is alright, but stop if you feel additional pain. This should help relieve your knee pain.


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