How Ketamine Can Treat Depression

Have you or a loved one been unexplainably sad for extended periods? Have you tried conventional depression treatment with little success? Doctors are trying ketamine treatment for depression with positive results.

Ketamine is a drug conventionally used by anesthesiologists to maintain anesthesia. While it’s not a true psychedelic, it has psychedelic properties, so it has remained legal.

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One of the ways ketamine treatment takes place is through IV infusion for 40 minutes, with patients experiencing effects within the first few minutes. The drug helps patients introspect and form new neural connections. As a result, some patients report feeling relieved after treatment. The introspection helps the patient find forgiveness and love. Ketamine’s properties also help form new positive thoughts, replacing old thoughts.

For best results, ketamine specialists recommend two infusions per week for three weeks. What’s interesting about ketamine is its effectiveness after a short time. Most patients experience a change in symptoms within the first two treatments. The drug offers hope for patients who have tried other conventional treatments and therapies. Ketamine’s success in treating depression has translated to treating other illnesses such as PTSD and bipolar disorder. However, results are more pronounced when ketamine treatment is accompanied by therapy.


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