How Has the Typical Catholic Preschool Been Affected By Covid-19?

COVID-19 had a significant impact on the way students learned in school. Entire school districts shut down and forced parents to help their kids learn remotely from home. But the torture kids would go through for not being in the classroom would have lasting effects. In the video, the concept of how the virus affected learning is discussed. But how it affected Catholic preschool is beyond anything that people could imagine.

Catholic preschools would have a massive enrollment increase because of the virus.

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It happened because they were the first schools to open once it became an option. Public schools were staying closed, but private schools could open. And parents that could not work and monitor their child’s learning chose to place their kids in Catholic schools.

The number of enrollments varies by region. But the one thing about Catholic preschools is that they are having a massive increase in the number of kids coming through the doors. Children need to be around other kids to develop their skills to become adults.

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