How Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Treated

Diabetes and heart disease are two of the risk factors for erectile dysfunction, while the biggest risk factor is age. This is true as more than half of all men aged 50 experience erectile dysfunction, while at age 70, this number goes to 70%. After a physical exam and a medical history report, a doctor may be able to come up with a possible solution.
It’s important to have erectile dysfunction treated as soon as possible because it could be a pointer toward heart disease and other issues. This means that once this problem has been addressed, it could enable a number of other issues to be dealt with.

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While this is a pervasive issue, it’s important to head to the doctor as there are many effective solutions that an erectile dysfunction specialist can provide. The biggest and most effective solution is often making lifestyle changes including exercising more. With a healthier weight, it’s possible to maintain a more active lifestyle all around and improve issues such as erectile dysfunction. Quitting habits like smoking is another positive change to make that can help cure dysfunction. If none of these work, other solutions are taking pills, having surgery, or getting implants depending on your doctor’s advice.

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