How Does ABA Therapy help children with Autism

Children with autism may benefit from using the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach and its tools to develop their social, self-care, communication, play, and behavior management abilities. Additionally, it can aid in taming undesirable behaviors like yelling, hostility, and inattention. An autism therapist following ABA can aid in a kid’s autonomous development, but it shouldn’t be used to force a child to “hide” their autism or “fit in” with society’s expectations.

Learning theory, which originates from the discipline of behavioral psychology, is the foundation of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Dr. Ivar Lovaas from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) released the first study that examined the use of ABA techniques with young autistic children in 1987.

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Dr. John McEachin at UCLA conducted long-term follow-up research that was released in 1993. These concepts are used by ABA to assist autistic kids in learning new behaviors. Giving kids happy outcomes for new behaviors does this. For instance, if a youngster points to a teddy they desire, the child’s parents may respond by providing the child with the toy as a reward. To know more about this, click the video and be informed.


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