How A Mobility Aid Could Save Your Life

Weatherproofed outdoor stairlift

For disabled people as well as elderly, mobility aids can provide an increased level of independence both in the home and in public settings. From sit to stand patients lifts to handicap car seats for adults, mobility aids give their uses the ability to exist independently in the world and have agency in their own lives.

Mobility aids like sit to stand patient lifts can also prevent serious fall injuries, especially among older adults over the age of sixty five. Almost every ten seconds, an elderly American needs to be treated in an emergency room for a fall related injury. That number reaches 2 million annually, and of these falls, half are likely to take place in a home setting, where it can be more difficult to seek help. But independence is, of course, important. In a survey it was found that over 95% of elderly people want to live in their own homes as long as possible, avoiding a nursing home type setting if they can. Mobility aids like sit to stand patient lifts as well as other aids like medical lift recliners, a mobility scooter, and electric wheelchair lifts, can make this a reality.

Bathrooms are another place in the home that seem to pose a greater risk of injury. Thankfully, mobility aids specifically designed for bathroom use can help to prevent these. A handicap bathroom could include shower bars or even a shower seat, as well as bars for stability placed around the bathroom, next to the toilet, for example. Over 200,000 people experience an injury in their bathrooms every year, but hopefully this number can be lowered with the implementation of mobility aids.

Mobility aids and devices are becoming more and more prevalent. Outdoor stair lifts for seniors and power wheelchair ramps increase accessibility to outdoor places. As over 50 million Americans cope with some kind of disability, and almost 7 million regularly use some type of mobility aid, this is a welcome change. Mobility aids can prevent injury, increase independence, and even save lives. From sit to stand patient lifts to a modular wheelchair ramp, mobility aids can improve the quality of life of their users by a considerable margin. It can also help family members feel safe with them living alone, helping to ease tension in those relationships in matter over safety.

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