Health Issues and Conditions Associated With Aging

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There are a variety of health issues and conditions that develop as a person ages. Fortunately, there are products and medical services available to provide assistance with these issues. In many cases, this can make a significant difference for older adults that want to age in place.

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence, for example, does increase with age. When someone is with the 65 to 69 age bracket, they are 14% more likely to experience this condition. For individuals that are 85 years or older, they are 45% more likely to experience urinary incontinence.

In order to address urinary incontinence and still live an active life, Nu Fit briefs or diapers can be worn. Disposable underpads can be placed on furniture, such as couches and chairs, to protect these surfaces. Beds ca be protected with disposable mattress pads.

Circumstances Where Catheterization May Be Used

When someone is admitted to the hospital for surgery or other types of treatments, 15% to 25% of these patients will have a urinary catheter inserted for the duration of their stay. Patients that have painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis, for example, may be treated with both oral medication and a bladder instillation. A bladder instillation is used to administer medication directly into the bladder by using a catheter.

Reasons Feeding Bags for Patients May Be Needed

Feeding bags for patients may also be needed under certain circumstances. Gravity feeding bags, for example, provide necessary nutrients directly into the stomach. When someone has a serious condition and is unable to consume food, they may require a feeding bag. Patients in ICU may particularly need to have a feeding bag.

Mobility Devices for Seniors

The use of mobility devices such as canes increased in recent years, according to interviews conducted during 2015 with over 7,600 Medicare beneficiaries. By 2050, the demand for walking aids is expected to double. While some seniors may use a single mobility device, roughly 10% use additional devices. Canes are preferred by 16.4% and walkers by 11.6%. Only 6% of the individuals reported using a wheelchair, and about 2.3% used scooters.

Coping With Health Issues

Since it can be challenging to cope with these and other health conditions, it’s important to have a dependable support system. While medical professionals are there to assist their patients, having supportive friends and family can make a positive impact on a person’s state-of-mind and overall health.

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