Get the Most Out of Your Botox Services Experience with These 5 Tips


Today’s society is a very age conscious one. Anti aging creams, procedures and treatments are very popular
now. In the United States, the market for anti aging products generated nearly $2.1 billion in sales revenue. More and more Americans are going to cosmetic surgeons to try to look younger. In 2012, people around the country spent about $11 billion on cosmetic treatments, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This represented a 5.5% increase from 2011. Botox services have gained in popularity over the past few years. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that there were about 489,000 Botox injections administered to people who were between the ages of 19 to 34 years old. This was an increase from the 220,000 Botox services that were supplied in 2002.

If you are considering Botox services for yourself, there are some things that you can do to make the experience better.

  1. Talk to the people in your life that you trust. Give the popularity of Botox services, there is a better than average chance that you know people who have had anti aging services like Botox treatments done. Ask your friends and family members about this. You may not go to the same person your friend or relative used but this will give you a starting point and some names you can research. Ask them how they found the person who did their Botox services and what they thought about them.
  2. Research the clinics or physicians you are considering. It is always a good idea to spend some time looking into the doctor who is going to provide your Botox services. Check out their training and experience with Botox treatments. See if they have before and after photos in their office. Look online at and elsewhere to see if people have left reviews. Be wary of any reviews that are bad and have been posted anonymously. People are far more likely to complain than to compliment so if you see a bunch of bad reviews with no name, there could be something else going on.
  3. You will probably need fewer Botox services than you think you will need. When people go in for Botox injections or any other cosmetic procedures to reduce the inevitable signs of aging, they want to look like they have had nothing done. The goal is always to look as natural as possible. It is always possible to go overboard with Botox services. When you have them done, it will take some time for the effects to become apparent, Be patient and start with the smallest amount of Botox that you can get away with. You can always get more but your cosmetic surgeon cannot remove it once it has been injected.
  4. Pay good attention to your aftercare directions. When you go in for Botox services, the clinic will send you home with a set of instructions. You need to follow them to the letter. For the fist few hours, you should not lie down as this can cause the Botox to migrate to other areas. You should also avoid getting on a plane or wearing makeup right away. There is a reason your doctor is making the suggestions they make. Following their directions will make your experience a lot better.
  5. You can avoid bruising. Many people think that there is always a lot of bruising after receiving Botox services. There are things you can do to reduce the swelling and bruising you experience after receiving Botox injections. Arnica tablets are great for this. These natural supplements can make a big difference in helping prevent swelling and bruising that many people do experience after receiving these kinds of injections. Taking naproxen sodium (Aleve), ibuprofen (Advil), aspirin, blood thinners and even fish oil should be avoided after Botox injections because all of these substances can increase the bruising (not the swelling). Working out the same say as the injections should also be avoided as it can make the swelling worse.

There is a reason that Botox injections have become so very popular and that is because they work. Botox injections are not a permanent solution but need to be repeated.


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