Four Reasons Why Scar Revision After Hair Transplant Can Change Your Life

Hair loss can be a challenge to overcome. There can be a myriad of reasons as to why hair loss occurs, including genetics and illness, but no matter the reason, hair loss is hard to deal with. It can shatter an individual’s self-confidence, which can dramatically change their perspective on life. Low self-confidence can even affect an individual’s mental health and productivity in life, resulting in poor performance at work or lack of social interest.

A hair loss specialist can dramatically change your outlook on your appearance, your work, and even your life. With hair loss treatment, you can look and feel your best once again. An FUE transplant, or Follicular Unit Extraction, harvests grafts of one to four hairs and transplants these grafts to balding areas on the head. The process can take up to eight hours to complete, but the results are permanent, providing you with a full head of hair for the rest of your life. No more lack of self-confidence here!

However, scars left behind after an FUE transplant can be another item to deal with. There are a myriad of reasons to consider scar revisions, ranging from cosmetic to health. Let’s review four reasons to consider scar revisions after your FUE procedure.

Cosmetic Reasons

Let’s face it – the reason you’re interested in scar revision procedures may be completely cosmetic. And that’s perfect fine. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. Scar revision after a hair transplant procedure can effectively treat the scars left behind after whatever procedure you decide is right for you. The significantly reduced appearance of scars and a full head of hair can be incredible confidence boosters.

Restore Scalp Function

One of the strangest side effects of a hair transplant procedure can be the loss of sensation to your scalp. Scar revisions can help restore the function of your scalp, helping with that loss of sensation and the production of hair and skin.

Restore Comfort

Your body goes through some strange phenomenons when dealing with scars. The tender skin can be itchy, feel tight or dry, or, as discussed, feel numb. Scar revision procedures can help you feel physically comfortable after a hair transplant, helping to reduce not only the appearance of scars, but the itchiness and uncomfortable feeling that may come along with those scars.

Keep Your Skin Safe

Scars feel different for a reason; your body is going through an intense healing process after a procedure, and the developing scar tissue is sensitive to sunlight and rough motion. Imagine combing your hair but pulling the comb the wrong way over that sensitive scar tissue! Scar revisions can help to reduce the sensitivity of hair procedure scars and protect delicate scar tissue from exposure to chemicals or potential injury.

Whatever your reasons for getting a scar revision procedure, you can rest assured knowing that the procedure will be beneficial to you, to your body, and your confidence.

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