Exercise is Good for Both Mind and Body

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Exercise can help us get in shape. Whether we want to lose some weight, run marathons or just be able to climb the stairs to the office on the third floor without getting winded, we all know that regular exercise improves our condition physically. What many of us do not realize is something that Tampa psychologists know: exercise is also good for the mind.

When visiting their psychologists tampa residents should not be surprised if they end up with a perscription for exercise. Regular exercise can improve your mood. It stimulates chemicles in the brain which can leave you more relaxed and happier.

Another benefit of physical activity is that when we look better we feel better. Improvements in our appearance, or having a pair of jeans fit better can improve self esteem. Even small improvements give us more confidence.

When seeing a psychologist tampa florida patients are likely to be told about the positive effects of exercise on the mind as well as the body. If they follow the advice, patients may experience an improved self image first hand. Improved self esteem is a big deal, but there are other good effects, too.

Many Tampa psychologists also recommend physical activity as a way to reduce stress. Regular exercise lowers stress and also allows us to better deal with stress. The activity raises our endorphines, which causes us to feel better.

Tampa psychologists also know that exercise even helps patients who are suffering from depression. Even short walks can improve the mood and increase energy. To achieve the long term benefits, at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week is recommended. Studies have shown that the best results for reducing the symptoms of depression occur after about ten weeks.

If you have been feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed, even in sunny Tampa psychologists can help. They can help you. They may recommend that you schedule regular appointments once a week, or perscribe medication, and they might tell you to go take a walk.

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