Everything You Didn’t Know About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Are you interested in local bioidentical hormone replacement therapy clinics? When menopause comes a’ knocking, the symptoms can be debilitating. Out of nowhere, you’ll suddenly and randomly feel like you’re on fire. You’re moods will swing from one extreme to another like a pendulum. Your libido will take a nose dive. You’ll be unable to sleep at night, yet feel unable to function throughout the day because you just want to take a nap. You suddenly suffer from migraines constantly. The scale constantly goes up, and never down, no matter how much you diet and exercise; not that you have the energy to exercise anyways. Menopause is not for the weak of heart.

Thankfully, local bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is remarkably helpful at reducing the symptoms. If you are on the cusp of “the change,” knowing about local bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will change your life, literally.

What is local bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

When you hit menopause, your body’s hormone levels rapidly decline. Those hormones are responsible for making you feel comfortable, and functioning at a high level. When they suddenly disappear, your body freaks out. What local bioidentical hormone replacement therapy does is replaces the hormones that you’ve stopped naturally producing, with hormones that are identical to the “real McCoy,” so that you body experiences no interruption in the way it operates.

Is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is not approved by the FDA, which makes its critic claim that it is a controversial medical approach. However, the explanation behind this is pretty straight-forward. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy utilizes compounded medications that are created by a compound pharmacist rather than mass-produced by a mega-pharma manufacturer. No compounded medications are FDA approved, simply because it’s made on a custom, case-by-case basis, to perfectly match the needs of the patient.

Think of it this way: fast food from McDonald’s is FDA-approved. The FDA does not approve each fresh, home-cooked meal you make for your family in your own kitchen. Does that mean that McDonald’s is actually better for you than your home cooking? Noodle that.

Does that mean that compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is actually safer than FDA-approved hormone replacement methods?

The fact bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is compounded doesn’t necessarily make it any more or less safe than other hormone replacement methods. Just as just because you make dinner in your own kitchen doesn’t make it necessarily healthier for you than McDonald’s. As with any medical treatment, it should be approached cautiously, with careful oversight by your doctor. The best results from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy come with these important safety rules:

  1. Only use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy if you need it. The point of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is that it helps your body function as it normally should. If your body already functions as it should, adding bioidentical hormones will just throw you delicate balance of hormones out of whack.

  2. Only take the hormones that you are deficient in. If your estrogen is low, adding bioidentical estrogen will make you feel a lot better. However, adding bioidentical estrogen when you don’t need it will not make you feel extra better; in fact, it will make you feel downright terrible. Your hormones have an extremely delicate balance that they must be in to run efficiently, adding hormones you aren’t deficient in throws that balance off and can be dangerous to your health.

  3. Make sure you are using bioidentical rather than synthetic hormones. Not all hormone therapies are the same. Synthetic hormones trick your body into operating as it did when you were producing the good stuff on your own (to some degree). Bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, have the exact same chemical makeup as your home-grown hormones. They work exactly as the natural hormones operate. Why is that important? Well, any unnatural treatment has side-effects, even if the initial goal of the treatment was successful. When you use synthetic hormones, your body acts in a way that it is not naturally meant to. There is a greater chance of negative side effects than if you treat it with hormones that are just like the natural hormones it makes on its own.

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