Electronic Health Records Software Improves Health Care For Patients

Ehr system

Did you know that as of 2012, 55 percent of all health care practices in the United States had begun using electronic health record software? In the past year, that number has risen significantly. Currently, approximately 62.6 percent of all U.S. health care facilities have implemented Electronic Record Management solutions, or EMR solutions, as they are also called. As a result of the new Health Care law, the CDC expects that of those health care organizations that do not currently own EMR solutions software, at least 50 percent will have EMR solutions software within the next year.

EMR solutions software facilitates a decrease in health care spending while supporting the expedient diagnosis and treatment of patients. One way in which EMR solutions software does this is by keeping track of health related information recorded by every doctor a patient has seen. For example, if a patient has recently had an EKG and other tests in the hospital that ruled out a heart attack, yet complains to his personal physician of chest pain the next day, the physician will see the results of those tests electronically. Instead of ordering those same tests over again, the physicians can come up with a new hypothesis about what is causing the symptoms. This is beneficial to tax payers, health care professionals, and tax payers.

EMR solutions software makes it easy for health care professionals to communicate with another about the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Electronic health record software and mental health billing software allow for the creation of a complex network along which providers can discuss treatment options. This can cut down on the amount of time and energy that goes into medical record documentation. Indeed, according to iHealthBeat, 45 percent of nurses have confirmed that electronic medical records software and behavioral health software cuts down on the number of hours they must spend on patient charting. This is one of the many ways in which EMR solutions software cuts down on the expensive red tape associated with hospitals and other health care facilities, and streamlines health care protocols to make them more efficient and effective.

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