Do You Suffer From Chronic Neck, Back Or Shoulder Pain? It’s Time To Contact A Chiropractor

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Do you struggle with upper or lower back pain? You’re far from alone. Chronic back pain, neck stiffness and shoulder discomfort are some of the most common physical ailments affecting Americans of all shapes and sizes today. These conditions can strike at any age, though has a propensity to worsen in later years, and can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life. The benefits of a chiropractor can see chronic pain reduced and mobility improved in just a matter of sessions, allowing you to get back to doing what you do best.

How Common Is Back Pain?

Back, shoulder and neck pain affects millions of Americans across the country. Studies have shown up to 31 million Americans experiencing lower back pain, specifically, at any given time throughout the week. One-half of all working Americans, as well, admit to having back pain symptoms on a yearly basis. Overall? Industry experts have estimated as many as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some point in their lives, with a particular emphasis on those that work physical jobs, are older and have already existing physical issues.

What Causes Back Pain?

There are many causes of back pain, though some are more prominent than others. Doctors of Chiropractic (shortened to DCs) are utilized by 32 National Football League teams in improving the functionality and conditioning of professional football players due to their demanding and physical career fields — they work in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal strain injuries, which includes lower back pain, neck pain, hamstring strains and whiplash injuries. A chiropractor for accident victims works specifically in the aftermath of motor vehicle accidents while general chiropractor services meet with people of all shapes and sizes.

What Improves Back Pain?

There are small habits you can take upon daily to reduce the onset of chronic pain in your back, shoulders and neck. Regular stretching is a necessity to keep the blood flowing in your muscles — stiffness is caused by a lack of blood flow reaching necessary areas of the body. When lifting heavy objects put weight on your legs rather than your arms and back to reduce strain. One of the most common sources of chronic back pain are physical part-time and full-time jobs. Lastly, chiropractor services can significantly improve day-to-day symptoms and return you to full functionality.

What Are Symptoms Of Back Pain?

Chiropractic care regularly sees the same symptoms presented to its professionals. The most frequently reported symptoms of back pain are stiffness, reduced motor function, nerve damage, headaches, fatigue, soreness and, in extreme cases, severe pain and difficulty moving. When meeting with chiropractor services it’s essential you catalog your day-to-day pain and be as accurate as possible when reporting general issues so you can receive the most accurate treatment method possible.

How Can Chiropractor Services Help Me?

Reducing back pain and getting back to your normal self is more than possible with the aid of a professional chiropractor. Studies have estimated Doctors of Chiropractic treat over 27 million Americans (adults and children alike) every year. Injured workers are 28 times less likely to have a spinal injury if the first point of contact is a professional surgeon — pain that’s unchecked will only get worse over time through wear-and-tear. In fact, a recent study showed that treatment for low back pain initiated by a DC will cost 20% less than when started by an MD. If you suffer from constant pain and headaches and aren’t sure where to turn, chiropractic services will have you covered.

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