Are Your Children Up to Date on Their Vaccinations?

Your husband took your youngest son into the doctor this morning after your five year old spent all night barking. Your poor baby’s cough was crazy, and you both hoped that the pediatrician would offer some solutions. Fortunately, the child doctor offered oral steroids or a shot of them and your brave son chose the shot! He cried afterwards, however, because he said that hurt more then then flu shot. He is a brave boy, and you hope that he feels better quick! Croup is nasty, and is just one of the reasons that you and your husband have taken both of your two boys in to the pediatrician to find a solution.

Pediatric clinics offer a number of important services to their patients. From annual flu shots to examinations for broken bones to getting care for childhood health problems like croup, in fact, many families think that there are a number of real advantages to visiting a pediatrician, rather than a general practice physician.

Vaccines for Children Are in the News Again
As the nation deals with a measles outbreak, especially in the state of Washington, the debate over vaccinations continues. With nearly 25% of Clark County kindergarten students in the state of Washington not getting all their immunizations during the 2017-2018 school year, data from the Washington Department of Health indicates that there was actually a growing concern about this kind of outbreak during the last few years.

From the youngest of ages, there are a number of reasons that parents find themselves looking for pediatric care for their children. In fact, children start to get colds at six months of age when the immunity they received from their mother fades and the children have to build up their own immune system. And while colds can occur any time during the year, the rate of colds triples in the winter. Finding the right kind of health care, of course, helps families navigate the challenges of children who are sick, rather that be with a cold, the flu, or croup. Sometimes a shot is the answer, sometimes an antibiotic or steroids are prescribes, and sometimes a illness just has to run its course.

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