Are You Sure You Dont Have Sleep Apnea?

According to the narrator in the video, when most people sleep, they snore because the muscles that open the air pathway relax. However, in some people, the air pathway closes so much that enough air doesn’t reach the lungs. When this happens, the brain is woken up, and it activates the muscles that keep the air pathway open; this is known as sleep apnea. Some people wonder if they have sleep apnea; what are the symptoms?

The first symptom of sleep apnea is loud snoring to the extent that it can wake others around the person who is snoring.

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Another symptom of sleep apnea is fatigue throughout the day. This is due to interruptions in a person’s sleep which cause sleep fragmentation and can even disrupt their sleep cycle. Choking throughout the night can also be attributed to sleep apnea. This happens when the person momentarily stops breathing.

Sleep apnea can cause dizziness in some people. Why? Because when they were asleep, the brain didn’t get sufficient oxygen.

Sleep apnea can also cause a sore or dry throat because, during an episode, the person is forced to breathe through their mouth.

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