A Healthy Alternative to Surgery

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There are many different ways that we choose to treat our pain whether it came from sports injuries, car accidents, age, illness or other incidents. One of those ways is through chiropractic care. There are many benefits to a chiropractor and many cases where chiropractic care was very successful in alleviating pain without having to go through surgery. Chiropractic care for sports injuries, for example; many athletes do not end up having to go through major surgery which puts them out of commission during recovery by trying chiropractors first. It can be very beneficial to pain recovery and healing the body without having to undergo pain medication or surgery. However, not everyone understands exactly what it is that chiropractors do. Here is a list of chiropractic myths to help you understand a little bit better about the practice.

Myth- Chiropractic care for sports injuries is dangerous because of the adjustment methods that are used during treatment that can damage tendons and muscles needed for sports.
Truth-Chiropractic adjustments are actually much safer than many daily activities that we engage in all the time, especially when it comes to athletes and the risks that they take every day.

Myth- Using prescription medications is safer than engaging in chiropractic care for sports injuries among other kinds.
Truth- Prescription medication has many side affects and adverse reactions associated with it. Chiropractic care offers a completely drug free alternative to getting rid of pain without creating a dependency or possible reaction, either.

Myth- If you see a chiropractor once, you’ll have to keep going back again and again in order to deal with all the different kinds of pain.
Truth- While you can continue as long as you like, once your injury has healed, the adjustments are no longer a necessity. However, it will not hurt or damage you if you decide to continue treatment for a longer period of time.

Myth- It is simply not as effective as other types of medicine such as surgery for sports injuries or pain medication.
Truth- There are millions of proven cases of people you have even heard of that have tried chiropractors and had great success.

Myth- Being a chiropractor is so easy, you could probably preform the adjustments on yourself without to much trouble.
Truth- This is a very dangerous misconception as it can lead to arthritis. Part of the main danger is that it can provide a sense of relief but that relief is only temporary and you could actually be causing yourself further damage.

Myth- During an adjustment, you can actually hear your bones grinding against each other and this is very bad for them.
Truth- The popping sound you may hear during a session is simply CO2 gas releasing from your joints. However, if the sound makes you uncomfortable, there is a method now available that releases those gases without the popping sound.

Myth- Chiropractors are simply glorified exercise trainers and are not actually real doctors who can diagnose problems.
Truth- Actually, chiropractors must go through an average of 4485 hours of medical school compared to other medical students that only have to undergo 4248 hours of medical school in order to become licensed.

Myth- Seeing a chiropractor is very expensive and almost never covered by your health insurance companies.
Truth- Most companies do cover chiropractic care now, including Medicare. They have done enough research to qualify chiropractic care as a healthy and beneficial alternative to drugs or surgery.

Myth- Chiropractic adjustments are not safe for children and babies to endure because their bones are not mature enough.
Truth- The pressure can be easily adjusted, making care not only safe for babies and children but preferred.

So if you are considering going through chiropractic care for sports injuries or seeing a chiropractor for chronic pain of some kind, or maybe you have been involved in some sort of accident that requires these kinds of adjustments, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. He or she can refer you to a trust chiropractor that has experience dealing with you issue and is licensed and careful with how they complete their work and do their adjustments. Your doctor may recommend that you see a chiropractor before you even ask him or her about it. It is a widely accepted method of pain management that can great benefit most patients.

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