3 Signs of Bladder Injection

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No one wants a surprise health issue. If you feel like you may be at risk of any kind of health issue, you have to make sure to get it checked out as soon as possible. One such issue could be a bladder infection. There are many people out there who could be at risk of this type of infection. People who are immobile, senior citizens, pregnant women, people living with diabetes, and anyone who’s not getting enough fluids. If you’re not sure if you should find local doctors at a medical clinic or an urgent care facility, here’s a list of three common symptoms of a bladder infection to help.

  1. Cloudy/Bloody Urine
    The first sign that you can look out for is if there is a problem with the look and consistency of your urine. If you go to the bathroom and find that your urine is red, then there may be blood in your system. In addition, there are others signs concerning the consistency of urine that can show that your bladder may have an infection. Check to see if the urine is cloudy and thick. If so, you may have a problem.
  2. Bad Smell
    While you have to ensure that you use your sense of sight to see the specific color and look of your urine, you also have to use your other senses as well. Next, you have to use your sense of smell. While smelly urine is nothing new, there are situations where a extremely smelly urine can actually be the sign of something wrong. This is not only something you have to worry about for bladder infection, but for other illnesses concerning the bladder.
  3. Pain or Burning
    Lastly, look out for any feeling of pain or burning. If you go to the bathroom and your sense of touch feels pain or burning as you pee, you may have a problem. This is another sign that you might have a urine infection. These pain can vary in scale. It can be any thing as little as a slight feeling of discomfort to a feeling of an infuriating burn. No matter what section of the scale your pain may be at, you might want to get checked.

You must use your senses to check with your body. If you feel like there may be a problem with it, there might just be. As such, you should find an urgent care facility that can run further tests. And if they find that you do in fact have an infection, the people at the urgent care facility can take care of you.

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