When Was the Last Time You Visited a Quick Care Health Clinic?

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If you could just get some sleep.
It is the third night in a row when you find yourself awake in the middle of the night. In fact, you are certain that you have been awake more than you have been asleep. It is difficult to get over this cough and congestion without a good night’s best, but it is impossible to sleep more than an hour at a time when you are feeling this miserable.
As you lay in bed thinking through your options, you finally decide that you need to do something now. You wake your husband to let him know that you are going into the closest family quick care clinic. As explanation, you tell your husband that you are hoping to get some answers, and possibly a prescripti

Are You Looking for Confidential STD Testing?

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The stories can be difficult to process. Young girls, still qualifying for educational services by the state, spending their weekends looking for possible fathers for their future babies. The students who are in the young adult program of the school district qualify for services until they are 21 because they have special needs. Some have down syndrome, some are autistic, some have severe learning disorders that have never been specifically identified. For a variety of individual reasons, these students are picked up in the morning and dropped off in the afternoon by the school district busses and vans.
During their time at school, students rotate between days in the classroom studying classes like government and citizenship, community, and everyday mathematics and days on a variety of job sites. And wh