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If Your Cells Have Been Damaged, Consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatments

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Hyperbaric chambers for sale

If you suffer from an illness that weakens your immune system or you have recently been injured in an accident that has left cells damaged, you may want to think about hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT as viable treatment option. Hyperbaric therapy can be effective because the enclosed, high-pressure environment provides more pure oxygen for the body, which can help to quicken recovery.

Among the illnesses that can be treated this way are Lyme disease, AIDS, and chronic fatigue syndrome. In the case of Lyme disease, antibiotics should be effective in solving the problem, but HBOT treatment is a great backup plan. Furthermo

Find Out Which Back Pain Treatment May Be Most Helpful to You

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Treatment for shoulder pain

Approximately half of all Americans say that each year they experience back pain in one form or another. In fact, the second most common reason that people visit a doctor in the United States is because of back pain. Clearly, back pain is a common, and persistent problem for Americans, and because there can be many different causes of back pain, there are also many different kinds of treatment. If you have experienced a severe injury, sciatica, or simply low back pain, it is important to know what treatments are available, so that you can explore all possible options.

Severe Back Injury

If you have had a fall, or any kind of accident or trauma, you might experience spinal injury symptoms similar to the following.

  • Extreme pain, intense tingling, or pressure in the back,

Millions Of People Reap Alkaline Water Benefits

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Acid water

Water is the essence of life. That is why it is important that the water we drink be clean, pure, sanitary, and without contaminates. There are many alkaline water benefits that a great deal of people are not aware of. For example, it is much more sanitary.

Alkaline water is perfect for this reason. Ionized water typically has a pH balance that lies anywhere between 7 and 10. This is why alkaline water has been used in the food industry to sanitize food products, as well as remove bacteria which may be harmful to us.

There are even more alkaline water benefits. Over 150

Let Technology Guide You in Your Workout

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Watchband calorie counter

What type of health technology do you use in order to better your working out? I’m not talking about the treadmill with the built in speedometer, mile counter, caloric burn estimator, and television.

I’m talking about those handy little devices that you keep on your person, that can count a myriad number of different aspects of your workout. If you’re not taking advantage of any of this cool new health tech, you’re working harder, not smarter.

Electronic Health Records Software Improves Health Care For Patients

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Ehr system

Did you know that as of 2012, 55 percent of all health care practices in the United States had begun using electronic health record software? In the past year, that number has risen significantly. Currently, approximately 62.6 percent of all U.S. health care facilities have implemented Electronic Record Management solutions, or EMR solutions, as they are also called. As a result of the new Health Care law, the CDC expects that of those health care organizations that do not currently own EMR solutions software, at least 50 percent will have EMR solutions software within the next year.

EMR solutions software facilitates a decrease in health care spending while supporting the expedient diagnosis and treatment