If Your Cells Have Been Damaged, Consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatments

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If you suffer from an illness that weakens your immune system or you have recently been injured in an accident that has left cells damaged, you may want to think about hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT as viable treatment option. Hyperbaric therapy can be effective because the enclosed, high-pressure environment provides more pure oxygen for the body, which can help to quicken recovery.

Among the illnesses that can be treated this way are Lyme disease, AIDS, and chronic fatigue syndrome. In the case of Lyme disease, antibiotics should be effective in solving the problem, but HBOT treatment is a great backup plan. Furthermore, hyperbaric therapy may be used in combination with anti-coagulation therapy in the case of radiation necrosis.

It should also be noted that this therapy, whether administered in a used hyperbaric chamber or otherwise, is covered under Medicare as legitimate treatment for 14 different medical conditions. It’s wise to consult with your primary care physician to determine if HBOT is right for you and how exactly you should proceed with the treatments.

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