Why Detox Doctors Matter

Drug detox must be completed before drug rehab can begin. This is one of the many details that only talented and respected detox doctors will know. As a result, anyone dealing with an addiction to alcohol or drugs needs to seek out help from professional doctors. After all, the relapse rate for people who try to detox only is nearly 95%. For those who do not know, relapse is when an addict goes back to using drugs after attempting to quit, or detox.

Anyone that has goosebumps or a fever is dealing with a severe withdrawal and needs help. They need to get the proper treatment from the right detox doctors and the center. Family practice doctors and family practice physicians are not equipped to handling serious forms of dangerous addiction.

Among emergency room patients admitted for injuries, 47% tested positive for alcohol and 35% were intoxicated; of those who were intoxicated, 75% showed signs of chronic alcoholism. People can hurt themselves by drinking so much and that is why the work of detox doctors. Plus, drug overdoses are a serious, nationwide issue. Here are more facts on why doctors are needed and a home detox will not suffice:

Detox Doctors Provide Treatment for Alcohol Issues

Acute withdrawal lasts nearly three to five days but it is not the end of the withdrawal process. Instead, there is a second phase of withdrawal that is called post-acute withdrawal syndrome or PAWS. This is going to last for nearly a year and therefore, consistent checkups with talented detox doctors are required. Only a detox doctor can properly monitor and evaluate the situation as they are familiar with the patient involved.

Across the country, a study was conducted amongst people age 18 or older. This revealed that almost 7%, or almost 14 million Americans, have a serious problem with drinking. Furthermore, nearly 8 million people suffer from full-blown alcoholism. So it is imperative that there are detox doctors across the country that can help people with struggling with addiction. After all, this can happen to just about anyone anywhere and it is quite a slippery slope.

Only about 10% to 20% of alcoholics have alcohol withdrawal that’s severe enough to require monitoring and medication. However, these people deserve the proper treatment and help even if they are in the monitor of alcoholics. So the value of detox doctors is extremely high so that they can avoid a ruined life due to the inability to stop drinking alcohol.

Detox Doctors Provide Treatment For Drug Addicts

Recent studies show that heroin and prescription painkillers are now linked to one another. Studies show that a large portion of heroin addicts first started out popping painkillers and abusing opioids. This is not just dangerous, it is harmful to people’s lives. Painkillers are prescribed by doctors and trusted family practices. Therefore, it is unfair that these drugs are so dangerously addictive.

An estimated 21,000 teenagers in 2015 had used heroin in that year and almost 5,000 were currently using and abusing heroin. In the previous year of 2015, an additional estimated 6,000 teenagers had some type of heroin disorder. Heroin is currently a problem for the United States and it is spiraling out of control. So it is important to have detox doctors that can help teenagers get off of heroin before it ruins the rest of their lives.

In Conclusion

If detox doctors are not available to help anyone dealing with addiction, their lives could potentially end. Drug overdose and alcohol poisoning are possible and potentially frequent for many people who are addicted. So anyone struggling to curve an addiction to alcohol or drugs needs to receive the proper treatment!

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