The Health Benefits of Getting More Oxygen Into Your Body

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Did you know that as individuals age, they do not breathe in as much oxygen as they used to? This can be a serious problem because lack of oxygen can harm the body in several ways, such as by damaging the immune system. However, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, can help correct this problem. Hyperbaric treatments are used to deliver 95-100% oxygen into the body, and this is beneficial in two main ways.

1. Improves the immune system. The human immune system needs oxygen in order to function properly. However, when individuals do not breathe in enough oxygen, their immune systems become compromised. Fortunately, HBOT helps improve the immune system by increasing the partial pressure of oxygen in the tissues of the body. This pressure reaches all cells, tissues, and fluids in the body, and this helps the body operate at its optimal level. With this increased level of oxygen in the body, the immune system is able to repair and rebuild damaged cells.

2. Treats illnesses. Hyperbaric treatments force oxygen into the body, and this detoxifies the body by driving the impurities out of it. HBOT can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses, including AIDS, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Oxygen therapy can even be used to treat Lyme disease, and this is important because Lyme disease can spread to the heart, joints, and nervous system when it is left untreated. Since HBOT improves the immune system, it can be used to treat several illnesses.

As individuals get older, they do not breathe in as much oxygen as they used to, and this causes a variety of problems. Fortunately, HBOT can help. Hyperbaric treatments not only improve the immune system, but they also treat several types of illnesses, as well. As a result, oxygen therapy is a helpful way to live a healthier life.

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