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We always hear about the negative impact of the internet upon children and society at large; however, you seldom hear about the positive effects of the internet beyond how it has hastened communication through email and social media websites. Some will argue convincingly, that the many health news articles available via the internet have made it possible for people to live healthier lives through increased aware about health. While it may initially seem like the relationship between having an internet connection and reading news articles about health is counter intuitive; and that it would take a tremendous leap of faith to pair one with the other, such an assessment is plausible. Skeptics might argue that with the wealth of activities available over the internet like movies, games, social media, music etc., that the last thing that one would want to do are news articles about health.

Contrary to pessimists, more Americans have become concerned about their health than statistics show. Although the obesity rate is as high as one third of citizens in some areas, this does not accurately reflect the number of citizens who read news articles about health and are trying to make even the slightest of life style changes in order to become healthier. News articles about health are serving to inform segments of the American population that otherwise would not have a way to obtain such information. Given the fact that many schools provide poor health educations to students, many less affluent Americans go through life ignorant about their health.

The accessibility of news articles about health over the internet has helped to alleviate some of this ignorance. Even though it is not apparent, everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle. When a person sees a news article about health, he or she will usually stop to give it a look. When it comes to their health, American do care, but are often too lazy or ignorant to do anything about it. A news article about health can make a difference getting people off the couch and into the gym.

Although the internet seems to have been around forever, many of us remain amazed at the tremendous impact the internet has made on the world. Despite the opinions of Luddites and other critics of the internet, the World Wide Web has impacted many lives for the better. News articles about health is one way this has been achieved.

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