Hyperhidrosis and How to Treat It

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An average person sweats almost six liters of fluid out of their body on an average day. If that seems like a lot, that’s because six liters would equate to about 13 pounds of water. Of course, it’s easy to see how this happens; your body has somewhere between two and four million sweat glands which help protect you from overheating.

However, for some people, the problem is more severe. Excessive underarm sweating treatment is a booming industry which is supported by the 3% of people who suffer from hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is simply a common disorder which causes almost five times the perspiration as the average person — particularly in the underarm.

For these people, excessive underarm sweating treatment is a necessity. Approximately 90% of people with hyperhidrosis say that their disorder affects their mood or emotional state, with many of them saying that it makes them feel less confident. The saving grace for many sufferers is prescription strength antiperspirant.

These Rx antiperspirants are typically more potent forms of standard antiperspirants and deodorants, but the added levels of salt (chlorides or even aluminums) allow the body to retain the sweat it would like to release. Unfortunately, most people try several different brands before finding the one that works best for them. While antiperspirant for hyperhidrosis exists, it is often just extra-strength standard antiperspirant.

To help find out what’s right for you — and to help stop armpit sweat in general — ask your primary care physician about excessive underarm sweating treatment. Someone who knows your medical history and has some understanding of the science behind these products (not to mention someone who doesn’t have a financial stake in which product you buy) can be extremely helpful.

In the absolute most extreme cases, there are now luxury spas which offer long-lasting treatments to help a person to stop sweating from under the arms. While some patients are desperate to do anything — and these treatments may involve minor surgical procedures — it is almost certainly best to speak with a medical professional.

The good news is that if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you’re not alone. While 3% doesn’t seem like a lot of people, that means there are almost 10 million Americans who suffer the same fate. There’s comfort in numbers.

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