Get Urgent Medical Care Quickly

Oceanside urgent care

With about three million people in the United States visiting urgent care centers each week, they are gaining in popularity for because of their ability to treat conditions with out appointments and with shorter wait times than emergency rooms. Like the rest of the country, Oceanside urgent care centers frequently treat such conditions as minor fractures and sprains, upper respiratory illnesses, and gastrointestinal conditions including food poisoning.

Of the many clinics in Oceanside urgent care centers have also gained in popularity for being open when many regular doctor offices are closed. The CDC has found that 48 percent of adults said they went to the ER because the office of their doctor was closed. But they were not sick enough to be admitted to the ER either. Oceanside CA urgent care facilities can fill the gap when immediate treatment is needed for conditions like concussions or burns, that do not necessarily require an ER visit.

Clinics in Oceanside CA or a trip to an Oceanside urgent care center may also be less expensive than a trip to the ER. While many medical insurance plans cover both, the out of pocket cost for an ER trip may be a thousand dollars or more, an Oceanside clinic trip may only cost a couple hundred or less. Lower insurance claims mean that through trips to urgent care Oceanside residents may be able to help lower their own long term insurance premium costs.

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